The corner store of Alcatel-Lucent’s SMB Offering is the OmniPCX Office Rich Communication Edition(RCE). It offers an all-in-one and end-to-end converged solution for voice and data with zero touch deployment. It’s easy to order, install, use and maintain. The OmniPCX Office RCE is the perfect response to the social, mobile and visual forces driving the SMB market and it’s backed by a board portfolio of compatible Alcatel-Lucent products for SMBs.

Open Touch for SMB includes the Following Features:

  • Teamwork and collaboration to help teams work together
  • Enhanced off-site mobility to keep users connected to their business anytime, anywhere
  • Wireline/wireless phones and efficient desktop to increase productivity
  • Customer welcome to provide a professional greeting s and increase customer satisfaction
  • Network infrastructure that reduces costs by using infrastructure for voice and data services
Features Benefits
All-In-One Solutions Modularity, flexibility and scalability to meet the Needs of SMBs from 4 to 200 people in size
Conversations services on application-enabled desk phones. PCs and smartphones Offer next-generation enterprise communication experience
User-centric communications experiences across devices and locations Provides full featured access to enterprise communications services across devices while on site or off
Business communications services including attendant, routing and messaging services Increased communications efficiency for employees with new opportunities to reach contacts
Embedded voice-centric customer services Increase customer satisfaction by improving call resolutions
IP telephony infrastructure flexibility and software scalability Reduces communications costs and enables the choice of network configurations and IP, P/TDM or TOM endpoints minimizing additional investment and enabling a smooth migration
Simplified and unified management Reduces total costs of ownerships for business communication and conversion services
Plug and play zero touch deployment Easy installation in full voice environment and/or converged voice/data environment at reduced cost
SIP at the core Optimized installations ready for next generation of communications


PIMphony boosts personal efficiency and saves users time while avoiding dialing errors with dial by name and phone number “drag & drop”


PIMphony facilities the management of workgroups by ensuring their phone status is available at all times. Call transfer errors are avoided with PIMphony team’s Assistant and Supervision


PIMphony attendant is specially designed to handle a large number of incoming calls. It optimizes call reception and transfer though an ergonomic user interface, the assistant windows. It also provides user information management.


PIMphony simplifies access to critical information in the form of incoming messages. Voice messages are easily unified messaging enables the user to access voice messages, email and faxes all the same time.


PIMphony enhance a company’s customer relation by providing access to a much larger contact database than the system’s phone book with contact database integration. PIMphony supports seamless integration with Microsoft, Outlook, Goldmine Act!, Lotus Notes and Microsoft Access. The call log function enables all calls to be tracked including unanswered calls.