Bill Management & Analysis

Bill Shock.... this happens all too often

High data charges – paying too much for your local calls, STD calls, or calls to mobiles?

Are you getting the correct rates for the type of calls that you make?

AVD offer a FREE Business Bill Analysis. We can meet with you and go through what your current concerns are and your expectations.

To start, all we need is a copy of your latest telco account.

Let us complete a full analysis of your telco account…mobiles, fixed lines and data. Our consultants will show you what you can do to minimise your costs and work more efficiently.

Are you on the right calling plan?

Our consultants live this day in, day out. We know what is available and we can advise you on the correct plans that will maximise the savings for your business. All the while, highlighting ways to operate more efficiently that will help you reduce your telco costs.

Leave it to us.

AVD will tailor a solution to your business to suit the way you work.

Contact us now. What do you have to lose. It is a FREE SERVICE and it could save your business from bill shock.

We are honest in our approach and we’ll let you know what to change and what to leave.

AVD will look after you. Not just once but on going. We make your business our business.