Ericsson LG eMG80 Telephone System

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The iPECS eMG80 is a hybrid communications platform for voice and mobility services that offers affordable expandability, optimised for small and growing businesses. Ideal for businesses that have a mix of technologies or are planning to transition between technologies, it can adapt to meet the changing needs of business with its advanced applications and Unified Communications.

Flexible Repayment Options
We understand paying upfront for a new phone system might not be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we offer flexible repayment options ranging from 24 to 60 months. Whether you’d like to lease or rent, we’ll work with you to find a repayment option that suits your business.

Simple Installation and Maintenance
When you buy a phone system from us, you never have to worry about ending up stuck with a product that is difficult and expensive to maintain. Our local, expert consultants and technicians take great pride in ensuring our customers fully understand exactly what they’re buying and how it works. Often referred to as ‘Australia’s favourite phone system”, buying an Ericsson-LG phone system means ending up with reliable, user-friendly technology. The Web Manager Install Wizard presents the basic installation in a series of steps for an easy basic installation in English or any other language. The rich feature set spans all the basic features and functions of a modern communications platform including call transfer, caller ID, music on hold and voicemail.

Seamless Expandability for Small Business
Replacing your phone system is a big deal and not something you do every day. That’s why when making an investment in a new system, you want to know that what you’re buying will grow with you. With an iPECS eMG80, you can start small with 4-12 users and grow seamlessly to more than 100 ports.

Rich Features and Applications

  • Integrated Auto Attendant/Voicemail
  • IP-Attendant
  • Centralised Attendant
  • E-Mail Notification
  • Centralised Voicemail
  • Personal Call Groups
  • Mobile Extension
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Web Call Back
  • Green Power Save




  • 320 x 144 Graphic LCD with Backlit
  • 12 (2 pages, total 24) Flexible Buttons with Dual LED
  • Full Duplex Speaker Phone
  • Support Button Kit (12/24/48 DSS Consoles)
  • Supports EHSA for Wireless Headsets
    (Electronic Hook Switch)



  • 192 x 36 Graphic LCD with Backlit
  • 24 Flexible Buttons with Dual LED
  • Full Duplex Speaker Phone
  • Support Button Kit (12/24/48 DSS Consoles)
  • Support EHSA for Wireless Headsets
    (Electronic Hook Switch)



  • 2 x 24 Character LCD without Backlit
  • 8 Flexible Buttons (Dual LED)
  • Half Duplex Speaker Phone