IT and Cloud

Business needs reliable and secure IT that can be accessed on the go.

AVD can provide cloud services for your business. Call us today so we can make your move to the cloud simple and seamless.

OFFICE MANAGEMENT – Simplify your finance, human resources and CRM with cost effective cloud based applications

SERVERS – Deploy server resources as you need them with Telstra secure and scalable virtual servers

SECURITY AND BACKUP – Simple and flexible cloud–based applications will keep your business running seamlessly.

MOBILE BUSINESS APPLICATIONS – Capture assets and workforce data on the Telstra Next G mobile network with mobile applications

MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 – Microsoft 365 applications keep your staff on the move and connected. They will have the freedom to work from home or on the road and keep in contact with your customers.

HR – Manage your people well, in less time with HR processes and compliance

SERVER BACKUP and SECURITY – Simple and secure data protection and backup.

IT Services

AVD can help you eliminate having an IT manager on site. Most small to medium businesses cannot justify the need to have their own IT manager. To keep it simple and have only one number to call for all of your telecommunications and IT, AVD provide a service to help you in this area.

Our staff can help you with the following on-site services

  • Antivirus Protection
  • Email and Spam Filtering
  • Onsite Backup
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud Backup
  • Internet