Message On Hold

Are you missing the opportunity to promote your services and products?

Every business is unique so why miss the opportunity to advertise your products and tell your customers about what you have to offer.
When callers are on hold, the caller will abandon the call within 60 secs and if they are listening to silence, within 90 seconds. Callers that are listening to advertising will stay on the line up to 3 times longer. That’s 3 minutes that you can be telling your customers all about your business.

The majority of your callers are clients or soon to be clients, so whilst you have a captive audience tell your clients all about you.

Features and Technical Information

  • Designed and developed in Australia
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Off line email support and notificaton
  • Manual or web adjustment
  • Auto restart after power failure
  • 10 playlists, capable of playing up to 20 different messages, that plays on set days at set times
  • LCD function display with menu system
  • Automatic manual synchronization
  • Fast message download
  • Team of creative writers available to maxmise your message
  • Purchase outright or monthly