Mobile Applications


Now you can avoid the time and expense of paper-based forms and maximise the efficiency of your mobile staff. It’s easy with Canvas; a mobile app that replaces paper forms with electronic versions on compatible smartphones or tablets. There’s a large selection of forms to choose from, or you can easily design your own.

With Canvas, you no longer have to put up with illegible handwriting, lost forms or the wasted time of re-entering data back at the office. Staff can simply enter transaction details into their mobile device and can add electronic signatures, GPS, photographs and more to create a multi-featured solution. You can email forms in PDF format, store them online, or depending on your system configuration, integrate them into various backend systems.


  • Increases productivity of your mobile staff
  • Helps reduce costs
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Help keep your data secure
  • Service desk support for peace of mind
  • Simplify and improve record keeping
  • Reduces your cost and environmental footprint


  • Templates to suit your business
  • Output and Integration
  • Complete transactional history
  • Online App building tools and management portal


Enhance the performance of mobile sales or service teams with ARISapp. Essentially it provides five core features enabling team managers to engage more closeley with mobile staff while the’re in the field. ARISapp lets you distribute content and communicate with team members about issues relevant to them, collect data through the use of forms, and share that information across the team in near real-time; all via their compatible smartphone or tablet. In addition, ARISapp can be integrated with various back end systems to make information accessible to your business, if your system environment has first been suitably configured.

With ARISapp, help your staff work more effectively, individually and as a team, to improve sales and customer satisfaction. Employ methods of co-operation and competition such as leader boards and activity boards, instantly reward achievements in front of the whole team, or train people while they’re on the go by pushing training materials direct to their device – and measure their performance. The power to continuously monitor, inspire and instruct your team can deliver real improvements in sales and customer satisfaction.


  • Media – Dynamically push product, marketing or training content to compatible devices including videos, PDF’s, presentations or other media, so staff have key information
  • Forms – Collect feedback from field staff such as customer queries, sales issues and competitive intelligence
  • Communications – your team can communicate, socialise ideas, share knowledge and news to improve collaboration
  • Training – Deploy a variety of materials such as PDF’s, videos and quizzes to train the sales team when they are on the move and track who has completed the training
  • Incentives – motivate your staff with sales leader boards and incentives, activity boards, status levels, congratulations messages and rewards.


  • Improve team performance
  • Manage teams in real time
  • Integration with corporate systems
  • Online administration portal


GeoOp offers you a great way to create, assign, quote and invoice jobs while you’re out on the road. With inbuilt GPS, you can see the geographical location of your licensed workers in real time and assign the closest one or more to the job. Enter as much detail about the job as you like and even attach documents that you need. The relevant workers GeoOp job scheduler is updated with your up-to-date job details and they will receive a notification if there are any changes. Workers can access product information while on the go. They can create and send quotes, fill in job details, add notes, photos and obtain signatures without the hassles of pen and paper.


  • Location base job dispatch
  • Full job history on hand
  • Cloud hosted model for simplicity
  • HIgh level of security
  • Financial visibility and control
  • Easy to use
  • Access via compatible computer or device
  • Works with common cloud-based applications
  • 24×7 support for peace of mind


  • Helps to save time and money
  • Invoices jobs on the spot
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Geographical tracking to locate your workforce
  • Financial visibility