Mobile Broadband

when you need connection away from the office

Embrace the flexibility of working on the move with a mobile broadband plan for yourself, or one that allows you to share data with your staff. Not only are the Telstra plans straight forward and represent great value but you will also be connected to Australia’s largest and most reliable mobile broadband network. Now you can do business when you need to – on the go. With fast, reliable mobile broadband, you can keep your teams informed. Email, web-conferencing, video streaming and much more.

You will have performance and productivity as you browse the web, manage your emails, upload and download large files and access software applications. Telstra broadband uses the same Next G network as Telstra mobile phones, giving you 3G/4G wireless broadband service that covers over 2.2 million square kilometres.

Get on the move today. Call AVD Communications and we’ll get you connected and deliver your device 08 8364 2111