SIP Connect

With Telstra SIP Connect, it’s easy to have IP access to the Telstra phone network and still use your existing phone equipment. You will not only simplify your system, but will have access to included features when you use an IP telephony service. Telstra SIP Connect is standards based and is very flexible.

You also have the flexibility to run Telstra SIP Connect over the NBN.


  • Improve productivity – deploy powerful new combination and collaboration features
  • Reduce call costs – manage call costs with on-net calling for your organisation
  • Streamline infrastructure – reduce the expense and inefficiency of separate networks
  • Improve flexibility – use a mix of legacy and hosted equipment and share capacity with the Business Trunks Shared Capacity option
  • Increase scalability – voice channels can be added or removed quickly at low cost
  • Improve management – simplify moves, adds and changes to your service. Call reporting allows you to control forecasting and budgeting.
  • Enhance continuity of operations – gain fast network failover with our Business Continuity options
  • Gain the flexibility of using the National Broadband Network in available locations

Call AVD and will do a complete Bill overview and see if SIP Connect is the correct option to start you saving and experiencing the features of SIP Connect.