Wi-Fi Networks

Providing Wireless Internet solutions

Lancom is Germanys leading manufacturer of network products.

Lancom gives you the guarantee that there will be no back door access to your critical network as it is made so secure.

No matter where people are these days, they have a need to access the internet. On the train, camping, restaurants, hospitals, libaries, schools and universities..and the list goes on. Lancom makes this possible.

Installing a modem does not always give your guests and staff the access that they require. By installing repeaters and boosters Lancom can make this possible by spreading the signal.

Protected by password, you can control when and who gains access to your network. Passwords also prevent your company files and information from being viewed. On charging is also made possible.

Providing Wireless Internet solutions

Providing hotspots for access from tablets and mobile phones for staff and guests.


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Sporting Arenas



Camping Sites




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Universities & Schools



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